Woodstock Sedation Dentistry

Diminish your stress during your dental procedures

Do you feel stressed about your dental procedures? You’re not alone. At Woodstock Family Dental, we strive to ease your anxieties with Woodstock sedation dentistry.

In Woodstock, our sedation dentistry options allow you to feel comfortable while we work on your teeth.

Oral Sedation:

With our oral sedation dentistry option, you swallow a pill which allows you to feel calm. This method is beneficial to our anxious patients, as it’s easy and effective and doesn’t involve other commonly feared instruments, such as needles.

Nitrous Oxide:

Our nitrous oxide option is another popular form of sedation dentistry. With this, you will breathe in a small amount of nitrous oxide. This will make you feel relaxed and will allow us to work on your teeth.

For more information about sedation dentistry in Woodstock, contact Woodstock Family Dental.